What Exactly Is Horsepower?

The term horsepower is used a number of times when describing vehicles. What exactly does the word horsepower mean? Is it related to thepower of a horse? Does it refer to physical power? How is horsepower measured? These are the questions that come into play when horsepower is mentioned.

Horsepower is an arbitrary criterion in quantifying the amount of energy spent in a unit amount of time. There is an amazing history behind the coining of the word “horse power.” Many years ago humans used animals to do tasks. Horses were used instead of engines. As such, the amount of load versus the number of horses used to carry the same forms the basis of this unit of measurement.

The unit would later be used in steam engines to define their capacities. In the present day, horsepower is used in rating big SUV cars. Horsepower rating may be used widely in more engines in future.

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