Why Tread Is Crucial To Driving

The standard length of tire tread on new tires is about 10/32 inches. Though it might take months, or even longer than a year, to wear down your tires to 2/32 inches, which is at a dangerously low level, then it’s important to have your tires replaced at this time. It's preferable to replace the tires before that point, however.

There are a few ways to measure tread on tires. You can purchase a professional depth gauge, which is what technicians sometimes use. They’re typically inexpensive. If you don’t have a depth gauge, you could insert a penny into the tread. If you can see the president’s head on the penny, your tires are less than 2/32 inches long and need to be replaced. If the tread sticks below a quarter’s head, your tires are under 4/32 inches in length, and, while still legal to drive, you need them replaced soon.

If you don’t have good tires, stopping could take up a lot longer on wet roadways. You should change tires and let our experts here at BMW of Traverse City handle the hard work for you. We love helping customers. Stop by today or call for an appointment.

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