Good Vibrations? Probably Not. You Should Have Your Exhaust System Checked

Have you ever had a vehicle with a steering wheel or foot pedals that vibrated? It's pretty annoying, right? Of course it is, but it could also be a sign that you have an exhaust system leak, and those leaks are more than just annoying; they could be potentially fatal. You see, when an exhaust system leaks, the fumes that your vehicle emits can enter the cabin of your vehicle, exposing you and your passengers to dangerous fumes.

You can also pay attention to the sounds that your vehicle is making. If you hear a popping or hissing sound when your engine is on, you might have an exhaust system leak. A third thing to pay attention to is your vehicle's fuel efficiency. If you are needing to fill up more than usual, you might have an exhaust system leak.

If you have any concerns about your exhaust system, come to BMW of Traverse City, and we'll be happy to inspect your vehicle for you.

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