Beat the Summer Heat in Your New BMW 4 Series in Traverse City

960 × 463?

Summer is meant to be enjoyed. The kids are out of school, the days are long and sunny, nights are cool, and you want to soak up every minute of it. What better way to experience the summer fun than in your new BMW 4 Series.

Coupe, Convertible, or Gran Coupe?

You can enjoy all that summer has to offer, no matter which body style you choose for your new BMW 4 Series in Michigan. You'll turn heads all summer long with the sleek and irresistible style, all while you enjoy premium comforts inside. So how do you decide…

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Enjoy Powerful Engine Options to Thrill the Senses with the New BMW 6 Series

960 × 640

Deciding to upgrade your lifestyle with a new BMW 6 Series is an easy choice. The harder choice is which of the amazing trim levels available you'll choose. We put together a brief overview of each engine and its benefits, to help narrow down your search. Although, no matter which one you choose, you really can't go wrong.

The BMW 640i

This trim level features a 315-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine. A balanced engine for everyday life, with ample power and the performance you expect. 

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It's All On Sale For 4 Days Only!

The Fox Motors Silent Salesperson Sale- 4 DAYS ONLY!

During this Fox Motors exclusive event, get the absolute best price with an exceptional shopping experience! Starting this Saturday, all of our vehicles will be clearly tagged with the most remarkable, no-haggle price. Even while our doors are closed on Memorial Day, you can still check out the lowest possible price displayed on our lot!

Showroom Hours:
Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm
Sunday: Closed, shop the…
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Good Vibrations? Probably Not. You Should Have Your Exhaust System Checked

Have you ever had a vehicle with a steering wheel or foot pedals that vibrated? It's pretty annoying, right? Of course it is, but it could also be a sign that you have an exhaust system leak, and those leaks are more than just annoying; they could be potentially fatal. You see, when an exhaust system leaks, the fumes that your vehicle emits can enter the cabin of your vehicle, exposing you and your passengers to dangerous fumes.

You can also pay attention to the sounds that your vehicle is making. If you hear a popping or hissing sound…

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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

Pressing on your vehicle’s brake pedal should provide you with a confident feeling that it’s going to stop and hold your car. When the pedal feels soft, for example, there’s an issue with the fluid not reaching the parts it needs to in order properly function.

The parts of the brake system are constructed of steel, and they can corrode over time. This can happen in the lines, calipers, or cylinders. The fluid is the driving force that flows through the brake system and provides the pressure for the movement required. When you notice that your brake…

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Automotive Exhaust Hardware Impacts Engine Efficiency

If a car doesn't operate efficiently, the exhaust system could be the problem. The exhaust hardware is important because a vehicle won't run properly if various fumes and gases aren't distributed into the air away from vital automotive components. Also, by maintaining an optimum exhaust system, you'll boost gas mileage since the vehicle won't struggle to function on the road.

The process of keeping an exhaust system in peak condition is easy, as a typical vehicle will develop specific problems when a muffler needs maintenance or repairs. For example, if your motor generates a loud…

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Regular Rotations Help Maximize Your Tire's Lifespan

Your tires get beat up on the road out there. Being that they are what make contact with the pavement while you drive, it is understandable that they would see some of the harshest wear and tear on your vehicle.

But there are some things that you can do to maximize their lifespan and get the most out of them that you can before you have to replace them.

Doing a regular tire rotation every 3,000-5,000 miles is crucial to ensure an even wear on your tires. Helping your tires to wear evenly will help to extend their…
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Help Our Community By Donating to the Frostbite Food Drive

Fox Motors is proud to be a collection site for the Father Fred Foundation's Frostbite Food Drive! Stop by the Fox Grand Traverse collision center from January 27 - February 4, 2018 with a non-perishable food or monetary donation. All donations will get a ski pass at The Homestead Resort.

Best items to donate include: 5 oz. canned chicken, 5 oz. canned tuna, oatmeal, peanut butter, dried beans, 1 lb. bag of rice, spaghetti/pasta…
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